Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Adventure

We woke up this morning and decided to go to church in Winchester and check out the Apple Festival. It was more of a craft-fair with those greasy food vendors everywhere than a real festival. And the crafts weren't really too exciting. But we did find the best apple cider ever (they gave it away for free) from Rinker's Orchard and purchased a gallon. Other than that we were a little dissapointed and still had a free afternoon as it only took us 45 minutes to browse the entire thing. So I suggested a trip to GW Forest (my favorite place it seems).
We ended up driving to the little town of Fort Valley (formerly Powell's Fort) and the very small Fort Valley Museum. The two people working there from the Ruritan Club were very friendly and informative making up for the lack of real information in the museum. They pointed us along the road to "Woodstock Tower." I had never even heard of this rickity metal tower at the top of the mountain so we had to check it out. Thank goodness for the Jeep because the dirt road up the mountain was narrow and steep. Too bad for my washing job the other day. We made it to the top and took the little 1/4 mile or so hike up to the tower. It was so spectacular!!!! The view from the tower was just breath-taking. Anastasia so desperately wanted to go up but unfortunately neither of us felt safe carrying her or letting her climb on her own. So she threw a little tantrum. Other than that though, it was GREAT.

We then hiked back and heard the road going down the opposite side of the mountain we came up would take us to Woodstock. I had to pee and was totally game for the adventurous road that was described to us. 14 switchbacks (I tried to take a picture of the insanity). Nick put the Jeep in 4-Wheel drive and I thought it was the most fun thing ever. I wasn't driving though. I am sure that would have been a little scarier. Thankfully only one other person was coming up as we were coming down because that would have been stressful. But it was a great little Sunday adventure!
I also was inspired to make an apple pie for dinner... I mean, dessert. It was AWESOME.

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Bridget said...

That is a great spot! Love the view from that tower! Been up there many times! Now I totally want to go back!