Monday, September 15, 2008


I finally finished the book "Raising your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I highly recommend it for anyone with a child that doesn't fit into the "normal" or "easy" category. There are SO MANY workable ideas for dealing with tantrums, sleep problems, energy, etc. I think the description on the book says it all, "a guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensative, perceptive, persistent, energetic." Unfortunately some of the ideas are a little above the toddler level, but I feel that overall the suggestions are completely workable.
Its kind of funny for me to have this incredibly intense and strong-willed child when I am such a laid-back and relaxed person. I babysat atleast a dozen babies and kids growing up and nothing could have prepared me for the little person I got! lol. I must say though that she posesses a lot of qualities that I wish I had. I know she will grow to be an awesome person, but she sure makes for a troublesome toddler at times.
On another note, we had a very pleasant weekend. We hit up a couple of farmer's markets on Saturday, went to church on Sunday and took a drive out to Winchester (to Gander Mt. and Borders) Sunday evening. Weekends go way too fast. After our drive we came home and Anastasia was completely beside herself. She started making this awful screaming noice (think raptors from Jurassic Park) when she doesn't get what she wants. She was doing this mixed with angry crying about every little thing. So I gave her a cup of milk, her bear and had her lay in bed until she was ready to calm down a bit. Thankfully the little "time out" was all she needed and she came back to the rest of the family a happy little camper. I think we will be using this tactic often to tame tempers.
On Saturday I definately felt the baby "drop" increasing pressure on my bladder, lower abdominal area and back. I remember Anastasia dropping at one point but I didn't think it happened as often in the second pregnancy. Either way she definately dropped reminding me that labor and delivery are not as far away as I might think. I keep thinking I have all this time, but a contraction the other night reminded me at 4am, that I better finish getting my ducks in a row before my ducks get tossed in the air and fall wherever they may.
I am taking the 2 huge trash bags and box of donations (I have already donately over $1000 worth of items this year!!!) to Goodwill since Nick put them on the deck where they were rained on. And it looks like rain again. I am going to pick up some diapers for Anastasia to wear at my mom's house and pack our overnight bags today. I feel like if I am ultra prepared, I might buy myself some extra time before baby comes. Sort of like the concept of bringing an umbrella keeps the rain away... lol. And There is nothing in the world like a toddler and brownie batter.


Annie said...

I'm so glad you are Comcast customers now! More pictures are always a good thing! Anastasia is so doggone CUTE!

Sarah said...

I love that book!! I read the library copy twice before just buying my own. I think she was spying on my son when she wrote it!!

Clare said...

Thanks Annie! I am glad too!

Yeah its the most awesome parenting book I have read!