Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Owl Activities

One of our favorite books is Owl Babies by Martin Wadell. Being as I think owls are one of the neatest animals ever and seem to fit the fall and halloween theme quite well, I decided this would be owl week. Anastasia likes to make the "whoo whoo" sound but often mixes it up with "moo". So first off I made these pom-pom owls lightly based off of the tutorial here. I actually used BellaDia's Pom-pom tutorial here. It was so easy and addicting. I want to make an entire pom-pom zoo! :) We used the owls as characters in the Owl Babies story. I have read it so much and even have voices for Sarah, Percy and Bill. Then I prepared this owl puppet activity:
Anastasia painted the cereal box body and I cut out all the pieces. When it dried I helped her glue it all together. Later I gave them to her to play with and she ripped off the wings. Oh well. I am thinking of turning an oatmeal container into a tree stump for the owls to live in. And lastly here is Anastasia's painting activity:
I like to leave art supplies out for her to use when she wants, but as anyone knows with a toddler, that can be VERY DANGEROUS. My friend Regina gave me this idea for keeping water colors accessable to toddlers. I used a small greeting card box and put cut-up watercolor paper, 2 cut out colors from a crayola water color set, a paintbrush and a bottle cap for water. She still has to come to me for the water so atleast I know what she is doing before she paints the walls. I also keep a sketchbook with 3-4 colored pencils out for her, and some paper with crayons readily available and sticky notes with pens ready if she wants them.

Still no baby for those of you wondering (Annie!). But I have been feeling pretty crampy today... but like everything at this point, that could probably mean ANYTHING.

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