Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say "ahhh" for Fall!

I love cool fall mornings. I love pumpkins and red leaves. I love my snuggly sweaters and comfy blue jeans. I love wearing my Keen shoes. I enjoyed packing my bag for the hospital with my favorite sweater, jeans and smart wool socks. It will be nice to wear my old clothes again! I have been cleaning and crafting so I assume that is as close to nesting as it gets! The nice weather is the most theraputic thing that could come to this pregnant woman!

I made Anastasia a new doll from a pattern I tested for "Kit, Chloe and Louise" at Wee Wonderfuls. I am SO HAPPY with how she turned out and Anastasia seems to like her "baby." And I like that she isn't plastic and that the dog doesn't seem inclined to eat her. So I am hoping that she will be content to care for her new little friend while I am caring for mine. haha.

I also finished another craft swap and sent out my finished product today. It was a stationary swap and I would post pictures, but I don't want to ruin any surprises.
I came up with my Christmas list yesterday for the girls. It is mostly for Anastasia but I have a couple things to get for Isabel even though at 2 months she will probably just be happy looking at Christmas lights. In fact, I think she is going to be a pretty happy baby overall. I could be terribly wrong (like when I thought she was a boy), but that is just my instinct. For great Christmas crafts Skip to My Lou has AWESOME Christmas ideas. My goal is to keep Christmas low-key as far as gifts go. My favorite idea that someone mentioned at a cafe I worked at, is that Santa only brings 3 presents. They represent the 3 gifts of the wisemen and/or the three bags of gold the original St. Nicholas brought as a dowery for the 3 virgins in the legend. Then with a few gifts from Nick and I and of course the rest of the family, they should have PLENTY of goodies.
I should probably go take down some laundry, fill my hummingbird feeder and pick some fall flowers for the table while Anastasia sleeps. Ah. I love fall.

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Wendle said...

I agree Fall is the best. I always have the most energy and motivation this time of year. Must be the fresh air. I also LOVE the representation of 3 gifts. Very clever and appropriate.