Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When you are cute and you know it...

...mommy and daddy are in big trouble. Still no baby quite yet but I feel very big. Only 3 days until Friday-- induction day! Hooray! Anastasia has been a bit of a monster the bast couple days... fussing about EVERYTHING and nothing. This is what happens when we go to grandma and grandpa's which is where we went on Sunday. She is so good when we are there but comes home expecting 100% attention. Friday will be quite a wake-up call for my little monster. :)
Anastasia picked out the name "Monny" for my mom a couple weeks ago and finally came up with a name for my dad: "Gawky"!!! lol!! I love it because my dad always made fun of the name we had picked out for her prior to when she was born. He always called her "Anesthesia" and the entire family started calling her that on accident because he had said it so much. My cousin even started calling her "amnesia". Maybe I was just being over-sensative, but I really wasn't happy with him butchering my daughters beautiful name prior to her being born. But now I feel Anastasia has gotten him back... with her new name for him and I secretly hope it sticks. I know I sound so evil and devious... but if you only knew my dad and how he tries to get under everyone's skin... you would understand.

No completed craft projects lately. I am working on embroidering a little fabric house for Anastasia for Christmas. In fact I have a list compiled for what both kiddos will be getting and hope to have most of my Christmas shopping/crafting completed by Thanksgiving. I did dye some pasta using this tutorial at Make and Takes blog. It was super easy and I used Rotini and gave Anastasia a shoelace to lace it. I think it is a little difficult for her but she enjoys playing with the pasta none the less. I may try dyeing rice in the future.

It looks like the sun has come out so I may wash the comforters and sheets on our bed. I have no clue when we last washed the comforters and I want my bed to smell fresh and clean!! ah. I love drying clothes in the sun.

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