Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One Minute!

Thats how long it took to load 4 pictures! Before Comcast came it took about 5 minutes to upload 1 picture!!! YAY!!!! Here are some pictures of our week:
George Washington Natl. Forest
Here she is in the creek! What a blast!
Best Buddies! This is Anastasia's favorite reading spot!

Here is the little Mermaid doll I finished a few weeks ago. You can now find JoEbi's pattern in her Etsy shop. Anastasia and I also made the little marshmallow foam and cotton ball sheep this week. Anastasia has been very interested in farm animals so maybe we will do some more farm activities.


Bridget said...

I love the picture of Anastasia and Leah! That is so sweet!

Dayna said...

Hi Clare -

I was the other pattern tester! I am excited to see your results. Your dolls face is so lovely! I adore her eyes...are they stitched on?

Here is my post about my results.