Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pickles, Brothers and Friends forever

That was my past week in a nutshell. But I will digress...

First of all my Uncle Mike makes the best dill pickles in the world from the Cucumbers in his garden. I won't eat any store-bought anymore (I am sure New Yorkers feel the same way). He didn't get to make any this year because all his cukes died so I got some of last year's batch. Only because I am pregnant and obviously NEED PICKLES!

My brother came to town from Wednsday-Sunday last week. His visit was too short but he is so happy in Montana. Andy and my parents came over for dinner Friday night and we had a really great time. Anastasia even remembered him. It was nice hosting our first real dinner at our own home. Its funny because I love having dinners and people over and Nick would rather be out chopping wood alone. lol.

(Anastasia and her Uncle Andy)

Saturday we enjoyed a cookout at my parents and saw all the relatives in the area (that speak to each other anyway). The highlight was a big game of badmitton... which became beermitton... which became brawlmitton. Obviously I didn't participate too much in the last two activities but I was impressed that I was able to keep up with the birdy with baby inside. In fact I was expecting to be uncomfortably HUGE with this baby because I got so big right away, but I have definately stableized a bit and feel better at 8 months than I did with baby #1. I must say it was too short of a visit with my brother and I am hoping he ends up in NYC so we might get to see him more often.

Sunday Nick worked hard around the house and I tidied up a bit. Don't ask what the point is of cleaning up with a toddler is, because I don't know. Especially as Wendy came with her toddler and baby... so the two toddler's together made sure to untidy everything. Good thing they are both super cute. So Wendy came yesterday and we enjoyed a trip to the park, and a trip to a friend's BEAUTIFUL farm and a farmer's market. At the farm, the kids liked the dogs and cats more than the actual farm animals. lol. Unfortunately Ben was an older boy and Anastasia was a hyper-sensative little girl... and they ended up spending more time in tug of war which Anastasia lost... and would burst into tears over. She was a little stressed by the time they left and seems to have recovered well :) It was really great to see Wendy and her adorable boys. Don't they all look so sweet and innocent together in the wagon?

(Look at all the curls!!!! AHH!)

Today feels like Monday and Friday all at the same time. I think I was spoiled having Nick off 4 days in a row. Anastasia enjoyed storytime at the library today and we went to the park with our new friends Heather and her son Luke who is about a month younger than Anastasia. Luke seems to really like Anastasia but I think Anastasia was still a little overwhelmed from the recent visit to be overly social. Maybe next week :)

I have some sewing to do.....

Oh and for those of you with little girls, check out Little Birdie Secrets for a chance to win some girly babylegs. They also have a well-spring of crafts for everyone. (I love finding new blogs).

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